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Qr code generator

QR Code – QR Code Generator is an Android app to qr code scanner & barcode generator, You can generate QR Code – QR Code Generator for your products if you have a company or links, phone numbers, vcard, etc…

Scanner dynamically detects content type within a single panel without toggling camera view. The user will be able to toggle camera flash, auto-focus by the semitransparent on-screen button on the camera view. Also switching camera between the front and rear camera is that much easy from the same button group.

The next feature is generating QR Code – QR Code Generator from a text. There is an easy toggle button in the input panel to change the type of output. The user can save and share generated qr scanner & barcode generator as an image.

All the scanned result will be stored in the local database for future use. History will be visible into a simple list. The user can copy result to the clipboard to user somewhere else. The app can detect web URL intelligently. If web URL found as a scanned result, it will be redirected to web browser directly.

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